Dr. Neeley Hughey is a qualified supervisor for those seeking licensure as mental health counselor or a marriage and family therapist. I believe the relationship between a clinical supervisor and intern should be one of a mentor/mentee relationship.

Supervision is a great way to hone skills , learn new skills and bounce ideas off peers and an experienced counselor. My supervision style is much like my therapy style open, honest and compassionate.

The supervision modalities that I use often are the developmental model of supervision and strength based approach.

My fee is $75 an hour for supervision. Group rates are also available.

 Internships are available every Fall, Spring and Summer  (Please submit a resume and cover letter for consideration).

Employment opportunities for post-graduate interns is also available year round. (Please submit a resume and cover letter for consideration)

Common Rules Regarding Supervision in Florida

*An intern must receive at least 1 hour of supervision every two weeks.

*The state of Florida requires that at least 50% of supervision hours are conducted face to face.